Thrillionaire® Revolution SUccess stories


"Pass on to Nik my most sincere congratulations on the most brilliant education I've ever done. I can invest with 100 times the wisdom. I'm amazed that Nik had the guts to put together an education that reveals the whole truth on how to invest properly. This truth has seemingly been a top secret to only the 10% investors who actually make money over the long term. That's it for me. Never again will I have to use a money manager, financial advisor or go off the lead of a stock broker or another investor. Thank Nik for me for giving me a skill that I can carry through the rest of my life and constantly develop and refine. Never stop living out your dreams."

- Rob C

"Dear Nik, Thank you so much. If I'd known a year ago when I attended Money Masters London, what your education contains, I'd have borrowed, begged, done anything to get my hands on it. Anything! Thank you for your generous spirit, your striving for perfection and your superb teaching ability that assumes absolutely no pre- existing knowledge. Thank you Nik for all your hard work and for your great warmth that adds so much to the Money Masters experience. With love and thanks,"

- Janete S

"Had a fantastic time Nik. Great boost and desire to accomplish great things. I came especially from Geneva, Switzerland, for this event and my expectations have been largely met. I also met some very dynamic people."

- Greg L

"This would have to be the best financial event I've attended. These last 2 days have set me on a new course for my financial future – thanks Nik."

- Noel R

"Loved Niks education of the current economic climate and future predictions. Really enjoyed his Wealth Matrix formula. I think this Event is really for anyone who is currently questioning the real control of their future. Nik is the real deal and provides some really helpful tools and a total shift in mindset from the masses of men."

- Anil V

"Nik has great Knowledge and is Entertaining. This is an Awesome Life changing Experience. I have been seeking this sort of knowledge and understanding of the world stage for years but no one in my inner circle had any clues. Thanks Nik."

- Conrad H

"From a personal development point of view I gained a lot from Nik. Fantastic Event to learn about yourself and to grow as a person. A must attend Event to create more income to be potentially Financially Free."

- George S

"Excellent Event. I will highly recommend it to everyone I know as its content is truly life changing and an amazing experience. A totally brilliant, informative Event with content that can truly change one's life to Financial Freedom. Nik Halik speaks from the heart with true passion and his energy level is inspiring. It has been a fantastic Experience and I "know "it will alter my life for the better."

- Steven U

"Nik's inside knowledge is amazing. Great useful information which will change my life. I'm looking forward to implementing these strategies and begin living the life of a THRILLIONAIRE."

- Victoria M

"Nik, I loved the way you presented your well informed info with fun and down to earth manner. Also love hearing your opinion on the Global Economy – very interested in this. Also love your mindset."

- Karen L

"Nik's Foundation and Background on World Economy was simply riveting. Great positive attitude towards life. Nik has hit the nail on the head – strong foundations and financial independence is the beginning to a fantastic future of unlimited wealth and happiness."

- John W

"I really enjoyed the wealth of knowledge Nik has. We were looking for some down to earth practical strategies to draw a line in the sand and move forward (without hype and bulls**t). That's exactly what we got. Nik is very humble and genuine in his desire to help people succeed. Humble, genuine good practical advice that anyone can do regardless of funds or time. Didn't feel like I was just a number to take my money and run and believe me I've felt like that after many seminars and purchases. The Thrillionaire Revolution is an event that frees people from the shackles of everyday living and your job and teaches you there is an alternative. Anyone can become financially free. "- Vicki I

"I truly loved the full content of the whole experience. I loved the intimacy of the event. I felt the honesty & genuine willingness of Nik to share his education and findings with everyone even just for the greater good makes for an invaluable experience. This event is an exceptional experience that is a must for all people from every demographic. It is an eye opener which switches on the thermostats & put the filter in place. You can't improve on perfection."- Dhana K

"Very well presented with a very realistic approach. This presentation by Nik was a very common sense approach that came together with world demographics and wealth strategies. A great insight into what is shaping up after the GFC. Great risk management strategies."- Scott O

"I found everything educating & inspirational. The knowledge and information demonstrated was beyond any seminar I have ever been to. A must for anybody to attend. Everyone who attends comes out of it with a boost to their confidence in investing."- Ray T

"Worth every minute of your time. Will open up your mindset to creating wealth & the lifestyle you choose. Nik was once again inspiring & opened up my thinking to so many options to getting out of the system & the J.O.B. Nik gives you the advice that can change your life if you choose to do so."- Bill O

"Enjoyed everything. Amazing. The Key to financial freedom, To be your own boss and live the life you want to live – and without having a "job" I'm excited. I now believe we can escape "the system" and still enjoy the lifestyle we like to live. We can do so from anywhere in the world and without being "the slave". We are "the masters". This knowlage will future proof us no matter what is happening in the world economy."- Lisa O

"Extremely interesting easy to understand valuable information. Well worth attending. Cannot really afford to miss as far as planning of ones life and future. Full of information."- Alison P

"Loved the Economic Cycle predictions, how to structure your accounts, the Wealth Matrix. Because it is simple and made sense. Very interesting, Awakening, Made sense"- Edyson S

"Excellent event. Very useful content. If you want to know about the World Economy and take advantage of it, this is it. Very informative event. The info opened my eyes about the world's economy."- Isabella L

"An event that basically combines a whole package of wealth, health and mindset strategies to improve your life in today's hectic world. Nik Halik and his team have definitely enlightened me to change my mindset when it comes to money and the motivation behind it. I will use the money management system to facilitate a better life. Thanks Nik and team! May you continue to inspire positive change! Cheers."- Mark O

"Loved all the content Nik gave which wasn't necessarily just about investing, Rather than mindset and laying the right foundations.Amazing. However sadly most people don't understand this kind of education and MISS OUT.I never knew there were so many mind blowing ways to invest."- Debbie W

"Thank you to Nik for his benevolence in sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience.I've healed so many aspects of my life. Now finally thanks to Nik's weekend event I now have the 'medicine' to heal my financial cancer."- Nada K

"I have had a transformation of my whole life since reading Nik's book and attending his events and putting into practice his knowledge. Thank you Nik. There is no limit. I'm adding fantastic pictures in my mosaic of life."- Gavin H

"Nik Halik. Very GENUINE and warm and an excellent speaker. Honest assessment of where the world is today and how not to be 'overwhelmed' by how much I have to change and learn in order to safeguard myself against financial stress. As a novice I found the information, presentation and quality of the event of the highest standard. I feel very privileged to be a part of such a positive, energised event and I have confidence that I have someone to turn to for help when I need it. "- Christine S

"Very well presented opened up my mind as to what I am doing wrong and how I can improve my future.  Nik was very emotional and passionate about how to improve your existence. A worthwhile use of 2 days to understand how you can change your life forever. The most action packed event I have been to. This is the event to go to if you want to change your life."- Fred L

"Best event to attend this year. The one event that should be attended by everyone who wants to get out of the rat-race."- Gunter L

"Nik – very knowledgeable about a variety of things. Wanting to help others be the best they can be. Desire to improve the world. Full of life changing information – very enjoyable and informative. Strategies made sense.  Thank you Nik for your generosity in sharing your incredible knowledge with us. Your genuine desire to help others was evident. Your ability to relate to people and help them to help themselves was an inspiration and very much appreciated."- Angela A

"Excellent experience! Second time I have attended this year. Love being around positive inspiring individuals! Totally amazing ! Life altering event ! You have to see to believe ( and if you attend you will )Financial Freedom is now a reality. Improving on excellence is very hard so no idea how it can be made any better. It's the second time this year I have attended this event and I am at a loss for words as to how to portray how brilliant it really is. Fantastic event which really does empower you with this belief that you can transform your life by making decisions on this day !"- Steven U

"Easy to Absorb. No Prior Knowledge in regards to $, stock business and property, yet I believe I could accomplish all things taught due to simple teaching techniques. Catered for all Levels of Experience. Life changing – one of the most positive experiences I have ever had." - Sigfried D

"It was wonderful to spend time learning and expanding my life. Many, many sessions resonated with me from establishing goals for going forward, past and future financial paths and where my passions lie. AND what to do about these. AWESOME THANK YOU." - Vee M

"This was my first Thrillionaire® Revolution Event. I had a fantastic first impression and learnt so much. Nik and his inner circle really opened my eyes to the opportunities and possibilities out there if I take action. Overall a great Event that I will definitely recommend to my friends." - Alexander A

"A content rich and very informative event. I take today from it a lot of great new information that I see massive potential in. I will definitely stay informed of future Events and of these paths to help create financial independence. Nik Halik was wonderfully unique and passionate-thank you." - Amanda R